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The Dark Moon part 6

ew gross, why is the Stalia so strong yuck. 

Scott’s howl just collapsed a tunnel wtf.

Scott just punched through a rock wall.

What is it?  What did she do to Derek scott?!







The Dark Moon part 5

Werejaguars, so the fandom was right.  Wow Jeff, you are incredibly predictable.

Stiles’ love of his jeep is still the same thankfully.  Unlike Derek’s disloyaltyto the Camaro.

Braeden is at least honest about being amoral.

What did Kira just do with her katana?  Supernatural flashlight?

Malia got bit/scratched, bet that’ll be a plotpoint later.

Why do you care about Scott’s lovelife Braeden you just said you’d have no problem offing him.

wtf is that skeleton thing?

The Dark Moon part 4

So if Scott bites anyone they are screwed, bet that’s foreshadowing.


Again, Malia being annoying.  Ugh.

How does Scott know she wasn’t in the casket?

The Calaveras’ stole her body wtf.  You guys brought this on yourself.

I bet Malia would kill however many people she needed to in order to get out what are you saying Scott she just said she’d eat Lydia you idiot.

Scira still a great ship, even if Allison’s death isn’t being addressed.

Is that a knife or a tooth?

“What kind of shape is sociopathic bitch?”
— Lydia Martin being the bamf she always is.
The Dark Moon 3

They are so effed up I do not like the Calaveras.

This is some Saw/Jigsaw bs rn.

Seriously why would they know where Derek was if they came to you specifically because they thought you had him.

ewewewewewewewewew!  Stalia nooo!

wtf was the point of this Araya?  Really?

Wtf have you done to Derek, Kate!!!

The Dark Moon part 2

"Once, definitely once"  hahaha

The Calavera’s bullet casings are cool.

What is with all the terrible lighting design choices in this episode?

He’s not dead but you aren’t sure he’s alive?  wtf?

Araya is a psycho, really.  But then again, that’s no different form any of the other hunter’s we’ve seen besides Chris.

Malia already showing she’s a terrible character.  Leaving Lydia and also saying if she was a coyote she’d eat her.

Araya still being crazy, but at least she had a reason for killing her lackey and not just randomly doing it for the evulz.

“If she were weak and I was a coyote I’d eat her”
— Malia “I’m a terribly written character” Tate talking about Lydia Martin
The Dark Moon part 1

Viva la raza! 

Mexico does not have a yellowish sepia over it wtf Teen Wolf.

Lydia can speak Spanish, make sense considering how smart she is.

Another rave?

What did you put in that drink Lydia?

Well now we know how much Derek is worth…

Bahaha all of htem

New intro ok, Stiles is the best of them, then Kira.  Who cares about Malia.

Kira is so awkward lol, Ilu girl.

This is totally just lesyay fanservice rn.

This is so badass rn, Lydia as a mob negotiator is great.

Bad bitches do it well.  Kira and Malia kicking ass and taking nombres.

The eff is the fog stuff?

Wolfsbane?  Probably.  Yep it was wolfsbane.

Araya doesn’t know where Derek is either?  Well, this is shaping up to be another Derekless season which is bs.

Teen Wolf Marathon updates

So one of the pop-ups just said that the Berserkers Chris Argent mentioned in 3B will be appearing in Season 4.

Sorry I’ve been gone to anyone who actually follows this blog.  I lost my password, but Teen Wolf starts tonight, meaning I will be attempting to resume my old liveblogging patterns.  As always I’ll tag everything with #spoilers as well as the episode title #TheDarkMoon


Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language

We are always told to use body language in our writing. Sometimes, it’s easier said than written. I decided to create these cheat sheets to help you show a character’s state of mind. Obviously, a character may exhibit a number of these behaviours. For example, he may be shocked and angry, or shocked and happy. Use these combinations as needed.

by Amanda Patterson

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I think Balthazar just explained the “everyone lives” tag on all fanfiction.

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Stop Asking Actors About Fanfiction 2k14

It’s true usually you shouldn’t ask actors about fanfic, but that’s because most of them aren’t allowed to read it, or not supposed to anyway, and it’s often very graphic.  There are in fact many actors and actresses who enjoy fanfiction and some who even write it about their own characters.

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I felt this needed to exist. 

That’s what happens when you build things yourself. Engineering is a *process*, guys.

Tony’s dawning look of ‘crap’, you guys.  I can’t.

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